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6 week menopause group coaching program.

You are not alone. Reclaim. Reframe. Reimagine.

RECLAIM, the QuinnEssentials Wellness Menopause Coaching program is designed to address the unique challenges and changes associated with peri through post menopause. Navigate through this transformative phase with expert guidance on nutrition, fitness, and holistic well-being. Connect with a supportive community and guest experts to gain valuable insights as you embrace this new chapter with confidence and vitality.

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Over the course of our 6 weeks together through a combination of self-paced on-demand modules and live group coaching calls, we’ll learn what menopause is, create a new vision statement, deep dive into the physiological changes that happen in the body and how to care for yourself along the way. Each week we’ll learn about different aspects and how to maximize your health, mind, body and spirit with exercises specific for women in menopause. You’ll also have plenty of downloadable support materials like exercise and habit trackers, self-care tools, guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, recipes and more.

The Program

Week 1: Creating a New Vision Statement

Week 2: The Menopause Transition

Week 3: Sleep, Stress + Self-care

Week 4: Mental Health During Menopause

Week 5: Nutrition Skills

Week 6: Movement + Recovery- Exercise in Menopause Program Design

Membership Offer
Date and time is TBD
Virtual Experience
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