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Meet Jill

Intuitive Life Coach. Wellness Expert. Pilates Teacher.




I’m Jill Quinn, creator of the 60 seconds at a Time, transformational life mastery program designed to empower you by gaining clear insight, prioritizing self-care and unlocking the power of positive intention to attract and manifest an inspired life.


Sounds like a lot? Let me break it down step by step…


60 seconds at a Time is a holistic, habit-based life coaching program that helps identify the “why” behind the “what” of our choices. Subsequently, the choices we make create the life we live. In this program we focus on the Quinnessentials pillars of health to maximize results.


Mindset. Nutrition. Movement. 


Coaching is about “team”. You and Me. Once you learn how to tap into what drives you, that awareness informs your choices. You are the creator of your life and what you choose is up to you. Behavior change is a habit based, step by step, moment by moment evolution. It is a process of alignment towards self-actualization. Throughout life we experience ourselves in many ways, wearing many masks yet maintaining the same core essence of our divine nature. In each and every moment we are choosing...What to give our energy to, what activities we participate in, what we feed our bodies, how we nourish our spirit...

I am here to coach you 60 seconds at a Time.


The time is now to awaken your personal power; to create the life you have always wanted; to reach your goals in mind, body and spirit. Intentional, conscious co-creation of your daily experience can bring you empowerment, fulfillment, purpose, clarity and peace.


This is YOUR life after all. Are you who you want to be?


For twenty two years, I have worked with my clients not only to reach their fitness and wellness goals, but also in developing and encouraging their mind and spirit in pursuit of a balanced holistic lifestyle.  Because I can assure you, if your mind isn't strong, your body won't be either and most importantly if your spirt is depleted, so too will you be.

I invite you to join me, step by step, moment by moment. 60 Seconds AT A Time.; to own and embrace the choices and moments that weave your life together, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and so on; to free your mind of the chatter driven by expectation and arrive at a place of optimal health and freedom into the flow of your true being.

This is a process that we must commit to each day.

Join me on the journey of self-discovery. Together, 60 Seconds at a Time, we will explore all things related to health, wellness, fitness and spirituality

These are the Quinnessentials.

Mindset. Nutrition. Movement.



"Jill is FANTASTIC!!!

I have been with her for 5 years, have lost over 100 pounds and she has been an advocate, cheerleader, life coach and counselor. Her gifts are numerous and her well of encouragement knows no depth!!

You would be NUTS to not want her in your life!!!!!"


"Jill Quinn brings so much energy and passion to her training. She is great at creating a personalized challenging workout.  My workout is a highlight of my week!"



"I have been working with Jill for 5 years and she is a great trainer. She is very knowledgeable about the body, works with your injuries, helps with your diet, challenges you and is a super nice person. I always look forward to my weekly workouts."



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