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6-week small group nutrition coaching

Are you interested in 1-on-1 coaching?

What you crave isn't there. It’s something deeper, something inside of you that longs to be nourished.

Join our transformative 6-week group nutrition coaching program designed to empower you with knowledge and habits to NOURISH your life. What you’ll gain is a way forward with skills to support your goals, not just a plug and play meal plan. Each week focuses on key aspects of nutrition coaching and the skills necessary to implement change in the kitchen and life, including planning tips, behavior strategies, personalized guidance and peer support. Through weekly self-paced on demand modules and live weekly coaching calls led by Jill Quinn, certified Precision Nutrition Coach, together, we’ll uncover the secrets to sustainable long term wellness

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Based on the QuinnEssentials Wellness ASAP Method of Change (Awareness, Skills, Access + Practice)

You’ll develop a plan that works for your life. I believe in building skills and finding solutions. This is how I’ve helped my clients for over 25 years incorporate healthier choices. In this course, we’ll explore aspects of deep health (physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, relational, professional) and how they impact overall wellness and nutrition. You’ll also have plenty of downloadable support materials like questionnaires, habit trackers, planners, calendars, shopping lists, recipes, supplement recommendations and discount links, cooking tutorials and more.

The Program


Week 1: What is Nutrition Coaching?

What to expect?

Why now?

What are you ready, willing and able to commit to changing? 

These questions clarify and prepare a way forward with realistic and empowered expectations unique to you.

Week 2: Deep Health and Stages of Change.

In this module, you’ll learn to navigate the stages of change so they work for rather than against you. Change is not linear. You can’t change what you don’t know. In this phase, we take a deep dive into the variables that impact nutrition, cultivate awareness and gather data.

Success is not an accident. It’s intentional. By understanding the psychology of behavior change you can move through the process with clarity and compassion.

Week 3: Skills Assessment.

This is important. Over the years, I’ve learned that not everyone feels comfortable shopping, prepping and cooking food. And that’s ok. There are so many options to keep healthy food on hand. Gaining food prep skills is step 1 in building a nutrition foundation. So, in week 3 we take stock of what skills need building or outsourcing and which ones are top notch. This week is also when we clean house; pantry, kitchen and everything that does not align with your vision. Now we are ready to prep + plan.

Week 4: Access

What do you have access to? What do you need to ensure your success? Do you live near a farmer’s market? Do you prefer a grocery or meal delivery service? Do you have the equipment necessary in your kitchen to prepare and store your food? This is what I mean by access. This week, we’ll also navigate how to shop in the grocery store and demystify food labels.

Week 5: Let’s Get Cooking

Meals made easy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for even the pickiest eaters.

Week 6: Macros + Meal Prep

How to track macros without making yourself nuts. Meal prep hacks to keep you one step ahead of cravings.

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