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Pilates Principles as a Life Lesson

Riff this with me and indulge the metaphor for minute.

BREATH is the bridge between the mind and body.

CONCENTRATION keeps the mind focused in the moment. Where your attention goes your energy flows...

CENTER. When you're disconnected from the core of who you are, your action is out of alignment, out of sync and out of...

FLOW...ease, grace and strength.

The more adept you become the deeper you dive.

Alignment + Connection + Activation + Integration

The Pilates method of movement teaches us how to move from a place of power, from the core of who we are. On the surface it's a series of exercises on the mat or apparatus. At it's essence, Pilates is the awakening of your Powerhouse to align, connect, activate, integrate your strength not only in how you move but how you live.

Plus, it's fun and makes you feel like a badass.

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