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Updated: May 2, 2021

A spotlight has been placed on what it means to BE essential. What actually IS essential and what we value. The exposure of injustice on every level, of racial inequities everywhere on every level and the tipping point of what we continue to accept as the way things are. The politicizing of healthcare and every damn thing possible...Our exposure to the harsh reality of these truths is long over due.

For me, EXPOSED is a visceral experience, somehow a lingering state of nakedness, vulnerability and awe. Exposure can also offer a ton of potential. It can build empathy and create understanding. Exposure strips me down, like I am are being called out to bear witness by the universe. To stand in my truth without fear. And at the same time it triggers me to want to wrap a blanket around my bare soul for protection. Cause, I'll be the first to admit, being exposed in this way is scary.

I have been afraid. Afraid and curious about the unknown. Afraid of exposure to COVID. Afraid to hug people...Which as a lifelong hugger is terrible! Afraid of being seen completely. And equally of seeing completely. Afraid of certain risks during quarantine, prior to quarantine, in business, in life, in love, I admit, I have been afraid. I am only human after all.

Even as a coach, encouraging my clients to rise up to live their fullest potential, I too struggle for courage in the face of the raw exposure it requires to be your authentic self. To rise up and answer the call to do better...Better for ourselves, our families and communities. At times that can leave you open to the raw scrutiny and judgement of others and yes, I have been afraid of that too.

Now, in no way am I talking about being reckless. I am talking about necessary risk for the ultimate reward of an awakened life. About getting our of your own way. About sharing your heart and being seen. About having hard uncomfortable conversations to build bridges. No one is exempt from doing the work. No risk no reward as the saying goes.

Brene Brown extolls the virtue of vulnerability as strength. I want to take it a step farther and add exposure to the mix. But, being exposed is also beautiful, liberating and inspiring. Heck, you might even learn something new by taking the risk of being exposed to a new way of thinking, or experience, different than your own.

So here I am. Exposed. Ready to assume the necessary risk in order to flourish, learn, connect and live life to the absolute fullest as me; the me whom I was made to be. Quirky, nerdy and passionate, me. Not a diluted, socially acceptable variation. Me 100%

Shine Bright!


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