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Loving Yourself Through Tough Times


It's been rough lately. Let's be honest. Adulting from ages 40-65 is tough stuff. Care-giving for elderly parents/relatives, parenting teens + young adults, finances, career challenges and changes, relationships - personal + professional - the list of demands on your time and energy is long.

Right now, the world is upside down and everything feels unsettled. Whether you are experincing a personal storm, are affected by global changes or both, this time of year can bring just as much chaos as it can bring light.

In the United States, the time from Thanksgiving through the New Year is filled with cause for gratitude, celebration + reflection. But it's not always pure joy. Sometimes there is grief coupled with the changing seasons of life. Sometimes, gathering with family is more complicated than celebratory. Sometimes we find ourselves alone and unsure, transitioning, evolving into the next phase of our lives.

For me, the holiday season can be bittersweet and beautiful. If you feel this too, here are some tips to love yourself through tough times.


Take extra care with your boundaries. Preserve your energy. Protect your peace. Participate in activities that noursih your spirit rather than deplete it. A mantra I say to my clients "Healthy boundaries, respect, nourish and energize me." Say 'No' when it feels necessary.


If you're in your feels this holiday season, don't be shy! Express yourself. Share your appreciation for all the good in your life but don't hold back when things feel tense. Your loved ones aren't mind readers. Let them know if you need some extra TLC if your going through it. Asking for help allows others to love you and show up for you in ways that engender deep connection.


Loving yourself through the hard times is about being present with ALL your feelings. Just like you would be with your #bestie. Acknowledging challenging and uncomfortable emotions with compassion and presence brings healing. Offer this gift to yourelf. Pretending to be ok when you're not is inauthentic and only feeds anxiety.

#Self-care is an everyday act of loving kindess. Not only does it come from movement and nutrition, but self-care is also reflective of your emotional habits that nurture the tender parts of you.

You are so loved.



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