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As a nutrition coach, I get asked all the time, "What should I eat?" As a mom and wife, sometimes the creative well for delicious meals that we haven't eaten a billion times runs dry. So I do what you do. I search the internet, Pinterest, Instagram and blogs for ideas to break out of a food rut. Even with a toolkit and skills to slay in the kitchen, I get bored with the same flavor profiles, techniques and family favorites. Sometimes I like to shake things up a bit.

I've included some amazing websites in this post that are my go-to resources for when I crave something outside of my wheelhouse. These chefs are so talented! I've yet to try one thing they've cooked up that hasn't been a crowd pleaser. By trying new recipes, it's helped me try new veggies that I honestly wouldn't have had a clue how to prep and enjoy.

Need some inspiration this week? Check out some of my favorite vegan food blogs for some veggie forward ideas.

The First Mess

Laura Wright serves up comfort and flavor with every recipe. I absolutely love love love the seasonal focus on this blog. For me, eating seasonally helps to stave off boredom and ramp up variety. There's something for everyone. Smoothies, breakfasts, salads, lunches, brunches, dinners, soups stews and desserts. Some of the recipes are a bit time intensive but sooooo worth it. Loads of ideas for grain free and nut free recipes, too! Trust me you won't be disappointed!!

Teri-Ann Carty

The Tofu-Walnut-Mushroom Bolognese was EPIC!!! So freaking delish. As a former carnivore and Italian, I can truly say, it was fabulous! Breakfast, salads, granola, pasta and more.

Follow Teri on IG and feast your eyes on the amazing creations. I love the aesthetic of her IG feed.

Better Food Guru

SALADS in all their glory! Sara Tercero is a former restaurant chef who loves salads like I love chocolate. But there's more on the menu here than salad. Her love and enthusiasm for plant-based cuisine will inspire you to try something new. She even has a menu planner app to help organize your weekly prep!

Let me know which are you favorites!

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