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Welcome To The Moment

Updated: May 2, 2021

Welcome To QuinnEssentials & To The Moment...

The time is now to awaken your personal power to create the life you have always wanted; to reach your goals in mind, body and spirit. Intentional, conscious co-creation of your daily experience can bring you empowerment, fulfillment, purpose, clarity and peace.

This is YOUR life after all. Are you who you want to be?

Throughout life we experience ourselves in many ways, wearing many masks yet maintaining the same core essence of our divine nature. In each and every moment we are choosing...What to give our energy to, what activities we participate in, what we feed our bodies, how we nourish our spirit... Expectations, role playing, responsibilities, bills, finances, accomplishments, our physicality, our sexuality; you name it... it all plays a role in how we project ourselves to the world.

For nearly twenty years, I have worked with my clients not only to reach their fitness and wellness goals, but also in developing and encouraging their mind and spirit in pursuit of a balanced holistic lifestyle. My hope for you when reading this is to make peace with it all. Because I can assure you, if your mind isn't strong, your body won't be either and most importantly if your spirt is depleted, so too will you be. Step by step, moment by moment. 60 Seconds AT A Time. To become friends with the choices and moments that weave your life together, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and so on; to free your mind of the chatter driven by expectation and arrive at a place of freedom into the flow of your true being.

This is a process that we must commit to each day. Every morning when we awake we are given a choice to say yes or no to peace. Believe me I know that it is not easy. That is not the point. The good news is that what you experience is totally up to you. So choose wisely, live richly and love deeply.

The first time I heard the expression “being in the moment” I was a 19 year old drama student at New York University. I was taking a class in what is called the Meisner Technique. The premise of the technique is cultivating authentic communication influenced by point of view through the simple actions of listening and responding-a Newtonian approach to the art of acting. Cause and effect. For every action there is an equal, proportional and opposite reaction. The idea is to hone one’s ability to be truthful throughout every moment of the character’s life on stage. Act. Respond. Seems simple, right? The metaphor commonly used by my professor was something to the effect of you must first feel the “pinch” before you say “ouch”…do not anticipate what comes next. Assume nothing. Because you just may be surprised by what happens and by predicting your response to an unknown event you will be cheating the audience of a true moment as well as yourself of an honest experience.

As I began to investigate this concept of moment-to-moment based “acting”, I became more aware - outside of the classroom - of behavior. How honestly was I experiencing life? Was I behaving based solely on my conditioning or was I open to the discovery of my own path? Was I open to exploring my own truths? Were my actions, reactions, activities, intentions, attentions, motivations, attitudes, and points of view, grounded in the present moment? Or was I so committed to my expectations that I could not let go of its hold on me in the here and now? Was I able to flow and change, be flexible and listen respectively in accordance with my current situation? To be authentic?

These questions were the springboard, which brought the practices of my life into focus. Initially, it was all extremely heady and analytical. But it was this awareness, which sparked in me the realization that in order to find and express my truth and craft a life that brought me joy, I had to be invested passionately, positively and purely in the 60 seconds at hand.

Over the years, life has offered me the infinite possibilities and interdisciplinary applications for this principle of “being in the moment” in a truly holistic nature. I have gone on to study Reiki (an eastern healing modality using energy), as well as having become a health & fitness professional earning a Master’s degree in Health Promotion, a wife and mother. When I am on stage acting or dancing, teaching a group exercise class or coaching one on one with a client to improve their fitness, developing a wellness program, doing research, playing with my children or working energetically with Reiki I have come to realize that it is all in the approach. No matter what the activity may be, embody and inhabit the moment and let it reflect the love you are.

I ask you to join me on the journey as we discover together how to make the most of this life. 60 Seconds at a Time, we will discuss all things related to health, wellness, fitness and spirituality.

I believe these are all intertwined aspects of our life that create a profound impact on the quality of our day to day experiences.

Enjoy the journey! Share in the conversation...

Shine Bright!

~ Jill

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