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The Universe has a Message for You

...well, that is to say, if you're ready to receive it.

If I were to write a country song with a quirky title it would be called something like, God speaks to me through the radio and vanity license plates. Seriously. I'm not joking.

I get a lot of clarity when I drive. Maybe it's the singularity of focus, what I'm listening to, a podcast, a song, a conversation. Maybe its where my eyes land as a result of the thoughts I'm having...a billboard, a car, a license plate...

There are signs and affirmations everywhere that the Universe, Spirit, Source, God is listening. I'll give you few examples.

A few years ago, I was having a particularly rough day. I felt confused, lost and unsure of what to do next. I needed guidance. I needed a friend. I didn't know who to call or what to do. My mind drifted into prayer and before I could even finish my thought, a car merged in front of me at the light with the license plate that read CALL BOB. Yup. Not kidding.

Bob is one of my dearest mentors and friends. The kind of hero you want in your corner, whom you trust, value and can hear say some of the hardest truths. So I called Bob.

Another example; I was day dreaming while driving...nothing unsafe I promise, about my novel. I was feeling into what life would be like when, I was living life as a paid author. My inner critic was sleeping and it was full blown musing on manifesting me as my author self. Well don't you know, I pull up to the light and the car in front of me, had a message. AUTHOR. Mmmhmm. I can't make this stuff up. The universe heard me and my desire was received.

Now, whenever I think about my book, while driving, a Toyota Avalon will pull up in front of me. My book is set in Avalon.

When messages come through songs it's funny and poignant. I find myself smirking when the lyrics actually answer my questions with a wink and a nudge from the Universe. It's not a secret. It's THE SECRET. You've heard of the book. You've heard of the universal Law of Attraction. This is the universal Law of Frequency. Literally, tuning in to the vibration of your heart's desire, tapping into the vortex of creation, your universal life force energy, your thoughts and emotions in action manifesting your desire. It's so cool.

This is one of my favorite examples. I had just finished teaching a leadership series where I use a Harry Potter inspired guided meditation called the Room of Requirement. I was driving home enjoying the feeling of how much fun it was to teach this work, how much I love Harry Potter (Ravenclaw House, here!) and how much I wanted to teach more of this type of stuff...manifestation, mindset, mantra, the power of intention, thought and emotion in the body. Lo and behold, I turned a corner onto the two lane road towards my house and coming towards me on the opposite side of the road was a giant white cement truck with bright green letters painted on the grill HARRY POTTER!! What??!! Now, you tell me when the last time you saw a cement truck with Harry Potter and nothing else, written in ginormous letters on it. Affirmation. Message received. Wink. Nudge.

The examples are endless. I am not unique, I'm simply tuned in. My antenna is up and ready to receive the messages, signals and support the Universe is sending. Today in the garden, a salamander was my messenger. Nearly scared me half to death. I was picking up a tray of seedlings to plant in my raised bed and underneath was a blue spotted salamander. He slithered onto my hand and I freaked out. I jumped and landed in a hole and did something weirdly painful to my calf muscle. Ugh. Well, I'd never seen a creature like this in our yard, so it got my attention. I'd seen all kinds of creepy crawlies and slithery creatures, but nothing like this species. When I'd gotten myself sorted, I googled the symbolic meaning of the salamander. What a message for where I am now and what I am leaning into in my life and biz. The salamander brings vision, focus, transition, the ability to face challenges and overcome adversity. It promises change, enlightenment and transformation and symbolizes stewardship of the earth. This is what struck me as the golden nugget. People with the salamander totem are willing to help others to transform their lives into a place of balance and possibility. Hhhmmmm, kinda what I do as a coach.

There's a parable that goes something like this. I'll paraphrase. Person is told to evacuate their home during a storm